About us

The Human Welfare Foundation (HWF) is a public charitable trust working for the socio-economic development of the weaker sections of the society. 

The HWF acts as an umbrella body with several distinguished and experienced community leaders on its board of trustees. It has 120 NGOs as partner & implementing agencies spread over 20 states, implementing more than 1350 projects. The number of beneficiaries so far is well above 9 million. With committed volunteers and recognized community leaders, the HWF is working to establish multifarious institutions across the country for the betterment of weaker sections of the society.

Education, healthcare, micro-finance and women empowerment are some of the areas the HWF is mainly focusing upon. The goal of the foundation is to help create a society where everyone is equal and prosperous and there is justice for all. With an aim to reduce the gap between haves and have-nots, the HWF is working to provide all the basic resources to the poor and needy that are necessary to live, survive and grow gracefully in a society.


Human Welfare Foundation & Human Welfare Trust has put in place a path-breaking action plan to create educational, health and housing facilities to improve the lot of millions of poor people in the country under Human Welfare Foundation as “Vision 2016”.

Alarmed by the findings of the Justice Rajinder Sachar committee, which painted a dismal picture of the socio-economic conditions of Muslims in India, “Vision 2016”, is an ambitious plan to bring about transformation on the social landscape of the country. The plan envisages the establishment of multifarious institutions across the country, with a strong human resource of committed volunteers and recognised community leaders.

It serves the purpose of humanity and the Almighty as well. It is dedicated to going beyond charity by enabling the people to their fullest of extent. Its True North lies in making a society having peace, prosperity and justice for all. It calls for a society with all equality for the maximum of the masses at large. It enables the have knots to access the resources for a total change in their lives and hence promotes the country to step into a new world. It helps people meet their social and spiritual needs by their own efforts.

It strives to build trust and relationship with the needy people whose prosperity and security are ever at stake. The program intervene the needs of the day when one-thirds of country's population is hard to meet the basic amenities for its servility. It is all about a total upliftment of the Indian society with a view to vertical mobility of every individual and group of people.