Aashiyana Children's Home and institute inaugurated by Jb T. Arif Ali.

Goa: The Aashiyana Children's home and Institute complex was inaugurated by Jb T .Arif Ali on the 8th of May 2016.

 Aashiyana Children's Home and Institute is a beautiful and important project of VISION 2016. VISION 2016 is a ten years flagship program of Human Welfare Foundation and its partner organization in which 1350 different projects have been completed and many more are in pipeline. Though maximum projects of VISION 2016 have been undertaken in north Indian states but due to need and importance of this project we considered and started construction in April 2014.

Now “Aashiyana Children's home and Institute” complex is serving residential schooling for poor and needy girls, here 300 students can be accommodating as well.

The Chief guests for the program were Mr T Arif Ali General Secretary Human Welfare Foundation, Mr Muhammad Arif-Project Director of Human Welfare Foundation, Abdul Wahid Khan Social activist Goa and Mr MM Ibraheem.

Mr. T Arif Ali   prayed for all the children of Aashiyana and all those involved in making the project a success.
JB. Abdul Wahab invited Jb T Arif Ali to launch "Sahulat" website for employment opportunities a project  by Humanitarian Relief Society Goa.

Mr Abdul Rahman Khan briefly introduced all the guests.  Mr A R Khan convened the program and thanked the audience for their moral support. The program concluded with prayers for the welfare of mankind.