Grameen Dosti Project: HWF delegation visited villages in Assam, Jharkhand and West Bengal

A delegation of Human Welfare Foundation visited selected villages under Grameen Dosti Project under the supervision of Mr. Mammunni Molvi, Secretary-HWF, Mr. M Najeeb, Asif Anwar and Habeeb Rahman.

First delegation visited villages, transit visit across the village with villagers, informed and invited villagers for a community meeting. Inform and ensure all formal informal leaders, local influencer to be participate in meeting. Motivate villagers to participate in two side communication and assess need of the intervention.

The socio economic condition of selected villages is very poor, sanitation and education are much needed to intervene, people don’t have water, school don’t have teacher, in initial stage we are designing activities to improve status of primary education and sanitation.