National Advanced Training Workshop

   Society for Bright Future has recently organized National Advanced Training Workshop on Disaster Management and Capacity Building of Volunteers from 6th to 10th Mar, 2017. 45 volunteers from 10 states of India participated in this workshop. The topics related to disaster management like first aid, fire fighting, rescue operation etc. covered in this workshop along with other sessions of traffic problem, conflict, peace building and nationalism, geographical information of disaster management in India, Volunteer concept of SBF etc by Dr.Gazala Jamil (Associate Professor, JNU), Dr.Qarar (Associate Professor, JMI), Dr.Tasawwur Zaidi (Ph.D, Geography), Jb.T.Arif Ali Sb (Vice-President, SBF) and many other guests had their session with the volunteers in the workshop.

  Apart from these university’s teachers, there were other sessions also i.e. traffic awareness and problems by Mr.Rohtash Sharma (Inspector, Delhi Police), other topics related to first aid, fire fighting, rescue operation and disaster management had covered by Mr.Sunil Kumar Khitoliya (DW, Civil Defence), Mr.Mohan Lal (DW, Civil Defence), Mr.Mukesh Kumar Saubhagya (DCW, Delhi) and many others were there. Adv.Sarika Verma (Counsel, Supreme Court) and Mrs.Anita Raj (Head, Manthan Foundation, Delhi) were present there. On the last day of Certification & Awards Felicitation Programme, Mr.T.Arif Ali (Vice-President, SBF), Mr.Rafeek Ahmad (Secretary, SBF) were present. Along with them, the Chief Guest Mr.Neeraj Dhawan (SDM, Delhi), Guest of Honour Mr.Rajinder Kapoor (Sr.Chief Warden, Civil Defence) were also there to motivate and appreciate the work of volunteers they had done during the workshop. Advocate Sarika Verma,supreme court (Counsel) and Mrs.Anita Raj (Head, Manthan Foundation, Delhi) were present there.