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Development is a central imperative in today’s globalized world. But achieving sustainable all-round development for society requires certain fundamental pillars in place. Education is one such pillar without which any future growth is inconceivable. To imagine growth with large parts of the country bounded in illiteracy is just impossible.

More so, in today’s information based society, where education is the key to a whole world of opportunities. Not only that, a whole host of issues in fields of healthcare, economic opportunity, women empowerment and community building can be traced to a lack of proper education.

But the truth is that, as per the 2013-14 UN Education for All Global Monitoring Report, India has by far the largest population of illiterate adults at 287 million, amounting to 37 per cent of the global total. The number of children who do not go to school remains high, according to UNICEF India. Gender disparities in education persist. Far more girls than boys fail to complete primary school. Even the minimal infrastructure -- such as proper rooms, desks, drinking water facility, toilets -- is missing in a large number of schools across the country.

Therefore, the HWF stresses on primary and secondary level to improve education as it prepares ground for higher education. Thanks to our supporters and well wishers for helping the HWF implement wide-ranging educational projects. The foundation is working on various initiatives and projects for the development of education system to uplift the marginalized sections of India.

Few of the HWF initiatives and projects include:

1. Establishment of The Scholar Schools
2. Establishment of Primary School
3. Capacity Building and Improvement of Existing Schools
4. Scholarships

a. Under Graduate/Post Graduate
b. Orphans
c. Orphans
d. School Bags
5. Talent Mentorship & Career Guidance

Establishment of the Scholar Schools

Human Welfare Foundation wants to establish model schools in each northern state. At the outset The Scholar Schools are established and running by Human Welfare Foundation.

At scholar school, we strive to give our children a complete value based Modern Education. Our curriculum is set at a rigorous level that focuses on the purpose of preparing our students to reach their maximum potential.

Human Welfare foundation has started a chain of the Scholar Schools; presently we are running 4 scholar schools:

1. The Schoolar School Asssam
2. The Schoolar School West Bengal
3. The Schoolar School New Delhi
4. Millenium Girls School Jharkhand

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Establishment of Primary Schools

“If India is to truly rise as a global economic power, it must focus its efforts on creating a Descent Primary Education system. There can be no greater foundation for a rising India than a strong educational system.

HWF is eager to establish primary schools at those places where primary schools are not available. The HWF proposes to establish 1000 primary schools in Northern part of the country. Our objectives behind establishment of primary school are to setting of schools, descent school infrastructure in rural areas and reduce dropout rates”.
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Capacity Building and Improvement of Existing Schools

There are a number of Schools across the country which are run by the socially concerned persons with little or no resources. In most of the cases they are even short of necessary infrastructure. These schools having good potential need some intervention to develop their infrastructure and to overcome their shortcomings.

HWF offers up to Rs. 10,00,000 per school to enhance the capacity of these schools. Our field co-ordinators have identified 54 such schools that need immediate intervention. 24 of them have already been sanctioned the amount and the remaining will be sanctioned by the end of this financial year.

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Establishment of Vocational Technical Schools

With the changing economic scenario and global competitiveness there is a yawning mismatch between the skilled manpower required and skilled manpower available. Every year we churn out millions of graduates who do not have the specific skill sets required by the market. The most pressing need of the hour is to create a pool of qualified and knowledgeable skills to narrow the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower.

In backdrop of this, HWF program has set a target of establishing 100 Vocational Technical Schools by March 2016. By the grace of Almighty 4 technical school are already in operation.

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Establishment of Hostels

Hostel is an indispensable element of education system in a country like India with large population but inadequate facilities of education within a comfortable distance. In most of the cases, specially in rural India, the schools are at distant places. Many girls fear walking long distances to schools because of the dangers it exposes them to specially in rural and isolated areas. Keeping this in view, the HWF has planned to establish ten Hostels in different parts of the country.

Recently, a girls’ hostel is established in Dholahat, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. A total number of 105 girls are availing the facility of this hostel.

Scholarships for Higher Education

Our Scholarship Programme is launched with an objective to provide educational opportunities to the academically meritorious and financially needy young students to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies and to train them in specified fields in order to improve their social and economic conditions, preserve their cultural and religious identities and make a meaningful contribution to the development of their communities and the country.

These scholarships are given as an interest-free loan to the students. It needs to be repaid after graduation and gainful employment, in easy instalments. The repaid fund will be used to provide scholarships for other deserving students to ensure its continuity in the long run.

The HWF awarded a total of 8,393 scholarships up to this year on the basis of need for pursuing, under graduate and post graduate degrees in different disciplines of Social Sciences and Humanities. The amount of scholarships ranges from Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 15,000 per annum per student depending upon the nature and standard of the course.

Awards for Academic Excellence

Awards for Academic Excellence program is a joint venture of Human Welfare Foundation & PM Foundation, Kerala. “Awards for Academic Excellence” has been felicitated more than 7000 meritorious students since 2009.

Scholarship is itself a catalyst for those students who are unable to access the available resources. Purpose of educational projects in HWF is to ignite and propel the students' self potential. The award distribution was a great step in a marathon. With a view to enhance the capacity, courage and zeal of education among school children, HWF started an ‘Awards for Academic Excellence’ program.

The award functions no doubt raise the morale of the students and give them the required push to perform even better and espouse within them a new zeal to work for the betterment and the development of a new sound society so as to provide a positive impact through their efforts.

Apart from awards “Carrier counselling and Guidance” sessions are also conducts by professionals.

During the year (2013) 1350 meritorious students received Awards and Guidance in different 11 programs organized in 10 states; Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Haryana and Gujrat.

Each selected students receives:

1. Rs. 1000 /- Cash Prize
2. Certificate
3. Medal

NMTSE -2013 Award program:

HWF has been conducting NMTSE (National Muslim Talent Search Examination) since last year to raise the percentage of Muslim candidates in NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) and other competitive examinations. The test was conducted in UP, Delhi and Maharashtra, 6914 students participated and the top 50 candidates each from Delhi and UP awarded at the function held on 27th October 2013 in Delhi. NMTSE award program for Maharashtra State organized on 22nd December 2013 in Aurangabad.

For the year 2013-14, NMTSE is being planned in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

School Kit Distribution

A school bag with all necessary articles seems luxury to most of the children belonging to poor family. Most of them can’t afford it. That may lead to increased drop-out. Human Welfare foundation is very keen to reduce school dropouts and plans to distribute a smart school kit for such students. School kit keeps children’s interest in education.

As per the Vision-2016 program for promoting poor students to school education, School kits worth Rs. 27,04,000 were distributed in the year 2013 among 6,500 poor and needy students studying in primary and high schools. This scheme was implemented in northern states. This scheme is running since 2007 and a total of Rs. 73 lac has been spent on this account till date.

Career Guidance Centre

HWF is eager to train district wise career guidance trainers under the Vision-2016 program. The trainer would disseminate information on educational opportunities and give career guidance and coaching to students along with moral values. Last year we have organized a workshop for this project in Rajasthan and this year plan to be organizing in West Bengal.