Credit Co-Operative Societies

One of Vision 2026's major objectives is to implement sustainable living by reducing dependence on interest-based credit services. To achieve this object, Sahulat is committed to coming up with innovative interest-free tools that can help in poverty alleviation and promote sustainable living.

Sahulat Micro Finance Society was established under Vision 2016 program as a specialized organisation to focus on the economic development of underprivileged and weaker people. Sahulat facilitates and supports livelihood opportunities and microenterprise development for poverty alleviation through the provision of Interest-Free Microfinance.

Interest-free Microfinance is an effective tool to fight against poverty. Sahulat’s Interest Free microfinance Program through its affiliated credit cooperative societies focuses on efforts that empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Projects include interest-free loan schemes and developing small businesses, such as vegetable and dairy productions. Our target beneficiaries are the most vulnerable members of a community, like women and the elderly.