Relief & Rehabilitation

Our Active Role in Relief & Rehabilitation

Disasters and calamities are among the sources of poverty. Disasters ruin the lives, snatch the livelihood means and destabilize the whole society.

In an instant, life can change for millions of families. Natural disaster can take homes and what little possessions they have. During humanitarian emergencies, responding immediately and effectively could mean saving many lives. During natural disaster and communal riots, there are critical shortages of food, medicine and shelter. As a result many civilians, particularly women children and the elderly suffer because they are among the most vulnerable members of society.

No Social development Program can overlook the Disasters. Geographically and socio-politically, many areas in the country are highly prone to both natural and man-made disasters.

VISION 2016 has therefore given due importance to disaster management and has been implementing various projects for Disaster Mitigation and Management.

In the past HWF has quickly responded to natural calamities by providing first aid supplies, shelter, blankets, water, food and other basic survival materials. The emergency and Relief program of HWF includes providing survival items like food, water, clothes, shelter and medical care during emergencies.

More than 100Million Indian Rupees were spent on emergency Relief Projects during 2007-2012 benefitting 4, 19,364 persons.


Launch of a specialized and dedicated National NGO with the name of Society for Bright Future (SBF) to work in the field of emergency Relief and Rehabilitation.
Delhi & U.P Flood Relief work.
Kosi flood Relief and Rehabilitation.
AP Flood Relief.
Emergency Relief Work for Bihar, Assam Tornado Victims.
Uttrakhand Disaster Relief.
Muzaffarnagar Relief.
Assam BTAD Relief & Rehabilitation.
Winter Relief in all northern States.
Training Workshop for Disaster Preparedness.
SBF Awareness Program for School Children.
Skill and Coordination Training Camps.
Public Awareness Campaigns (Hand bills and CDs will be prepared in different local languages to create awareness among the people of hazard prone areas).
A manual containing disaster prone areas, name and address of assisting agencies, govt. Department, NGOs etc. Tips of disaster management before, during and after the disaster are under preparation and shall be published very soon in English, Hindi and Urdu.
Volunteer Core comprising 1000 Trained Volunteers.
Chapter in all states/Zones be set up in five region-volunteer core of at least 100 youths be enrolled by each state.